Discretionary Portfolio Management

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Stifel Solutions Program

As a portfolio manager in Stifel's Solutions Program, I manage assets on a risk-adjusted, discretionary basis using a pre-screened investment approach.  This enables me to quickly react to market conditions when implementing my clients' investment strategies.  The result is customized investment management, with strategies tailored to my clients' specific needs and objectives.  I also have vast experience in analyzing and selecting other managers to help find and select best-in-class additions.

By demonstrating my drive and objectivity and providing service that's personal and responsive, I aim to build a relationship with you for the long term.  I work closely with your tax and legal advisors, and other trusted professionals, to ensure my planning fully aligns with your needs.

I take care of the due diligence, including in-depth analysis of all investments, allowing me to offer you guidance that's proactive instead of reactive.  It puts you and your goals at the center of all that I do.




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Individuals & Families

Pragmatic wealth management for families and individuals




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Corporate Executives

Helping executives manage their financial success





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Business Succession Services

Helping business owners maximize enterprise value.


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Retirement Planning Strategies

Helping you save for your retirement years. 




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Fixed-Income Strategies

Helping you create a balanced portfolio.


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